Asset design for long-term integrity

Understanding material integrity is a key part in optimising engineering design and crucial to the long-term performance of equipment and facilities.

Our experienced engineers support clients by evaluating corrosion and material degradation threats, making cost-effective and reliable materials selections, and planning corrosion mitigation and management strategies that:

  • Improve safety
  • Reduce capital and operating costs
  • Minimise environmental impact

We have extensive corrosion assessment expertise in a wide range of applications and services; selection of metals and non-metallic materials; corrosion mitigation and management of corrosion risks; metallurgy; and welding engineering. Typical services for engineering design include:

  • Materials selection and corrosion studies for pipelines and plants
  • Life cycle costing for materials options
  • Corrosion risk assessments
  • Audits and reviews of designs and materials specifications
  • Corrosion management plans
  • Specialist materials and corrosion resistant alloys advice
  • Equipment specifications