iQRA well reliability software

iQRA – optimised decision-making for well reliability

iQRA is a proprietary cloud-based quantitative reliability analysis tool that provides operators with an independent and impartial assessment of each individual well component’s reliability performance.

Subscribers can benchmark reliability figures against iQRA’s global dataset, and extract critical reliability and mean-time-to failure (MTTF) data for quantitative risk assessments and critical decision-making.

Based on the ISO-14224 standard, iQRA can save operators significant time in identifying actual or potential well integrity issues. Users are able to run their own queries to generate an instant response and enter a multitude of actual or ‘what if’ well integrity scenarios based on specific well locations, components, operating conditions and time period of interest.

iQRA subscribers can quantify the risk associated with the well equipment installed to:

  • Reduce workover frequency and associated costs
  • Maintain production/injection levels
  • Improve well economics and enhance well safety

The system functionality of iQRA includes the capability to upload data, and planned expansion to other modules including the reliability of flexibles and subsea system components.

At WG Intetech we take data protection very seriously. Therefore iQRA is designed to be highly secure and all operator information is kept strictly confidential and anonymous.

To find out more about iQRA, arrange a WebEx demonstration, or sign up for a subscription, download the brochure or email one of our well integrity experts.

You can access the iQRA service here.