KPO asked us to install the Intetech Well Integrity Toolkit (iWIT) to help manage the integrity of a field of 300 wells. The operator identified the following key benefits:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Management of individual wells
  • Notification of wells operating outside safe operating envelope
  • Improved visibility of well integrity management within and outside the company
  • Rapid identification of potential well integrity problems across the field of 300 wells
  • Easy access to comprehensive information on each well for analysis of problems
  • Reduced duplication of effort in data collection, analysis and reporting
  • Integration of data from automated systems and numerous manual sources
  • Improved control of contractor activities
  • Flexible data tabulation and graphing options that can show data trends, which can be used to identify developing well integrity problems
  • Clear reporting formats to identify well-stock status at any point or period in time and to allow key-performance-indicator tracking.

“Our staff enjoyed working with the Intetech team; they were responsive, professional and a pleasure to deal with.”

Emily Sirayeva, KPO iWIT administrator

“I strongly believe this is a truly a ‘world-class’ effort and represents the best practice of well integrity management that I have ever seen. The system, the interfaces, the rigour, the management reporting, the alert mechanisms and the auditability of the system are fantastic. We have a safer oilfield today and with less effort, fewer mistakes, fewer misunderstandings with the authorities, better planning and prioritisation of non-routine and routine intervention and maintenance.”

David Brittan, KPO well engineering coordinator