Selecting the right materials is vital to the long-term integrity of wells, pipelines and on- and offshore surface facilities. This is particularly true where conditions are aggressive.

Intetech is frequently asked to perform materials selection studies. For example, we have produced materials selection reports for the following projects:

  • Wellhead and processing platform facilities for the Sadewa and the Oyong development projects, Indonesia
  • Gas compression facilities for the West Java, Indonesia; Ras Laffan, Qatar; and Ahwaz–Maroun, Iran, projects
  • Onshore facilities for the Bu Hasa upgrade, Abu Dhabi, and the Kashagan East field development project, Kazakhstan
  • Wellhead platform facilities for the Umm Shaif project in the UAE.

Specialist equipment, such as seawater filters, seawater-cooled heat exchangers and produced-water centrifuges, is expected to operate under aggressive conditions, especially where aerated surface-drain water or seawater combined with high-temperature produced water is handled. We have advised specialist-equipment manufacturers on materials selection policies.

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