Well failures can be a catastrophe. A blowout can harm people, the environment and your reputation, and severely curtail production. Wood Group Intetech Well Integrity Toolkit (iWIT®) software can help you to keep your wells operating safely and increase productivity.

In one of seven recently published iWIT® case histories, integrity related shut-ins were reduced by about 80% after two years. Data entry in the field via tablet computers and a reporting system customised to meet the regulatory authority's requirements, helped to reduce the engineers' workload. This gave them more time for active analysis and workover planning. The result was a dramatic drop in integrity-related shut-ins and an increase in productivity.

The featured operators had diverse reasons for using iWIT® software, and the data analysis and presentation functions were customised to help each company achieve its goal. The software allows operators to demonstrate adherence to well integrity management policies, and by ensuring that well problems are identified proactively and responded to within guideline timeframes, the software helps to reduce the number of integrity-related shutdowns. This significantly improves productivity and safety. Read the article here.