How do YOU manage well integrity?

Here is your opportunity to benchmark your management practices…how does your organisation manage well integrity?

During this year Intetech completed a wide-ranging technical review for JOGMEC (the Japanese Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation) which included a survey on how operators internationally manage well integrity. The survey was initially sent to a specific group of national, international and independent oil companies to provide a balanced cross-section of opinions. The industry level results of the survey were sent in full - without any company specific information - to all contributors.

We are now offering the opportunity for all operators benchmark themselves against the industry and get feedback on industry approaches to well integrity management.

The survey is available at:

It is high level and takes about 10 minutes to complete. You will be sent the full survey if you include your email, or it can be filled in anonymously. Results will be distributed to respondents only and no company-specific information will be distributed.