Celebrating 25 years of Wood Group Intetech

by Dr Liane Smith, managing director

Little did I imagine in January 1991 that in 2016 I would be celebrating this amazing milestone anniversary of 25 years as the managing director of Wood Group Intetech. Over the last quarter century, Wood Group Intetech has grown into a global enterprise with offices in Aberdeen, Abu Dhabi, Chester, Houston and Kuala Lumpur – and we’re still growing!

It is a huge privilege to work with an incredibly talented and dedicated team, from expert engineers to innovative IT professionals, who all contribute to a continuous stream of new ideas to resolve our clients’ challenges. It is this team that makes Wood Group Intetech the world-leading company it is today. As part of the wider Wood Group organisation we also benefit from the support and specialist expertise of our colleagues across many engineering disciplines worldwide.

Reflecting on 25 years is an opportunity to say thank you to our clients – a cross section of the world’s major oil and gas operators, fellow engineering contractors and product suppliers - and to everyone who has played a part in our achievements.

As we look to the future, the ever-changing environment of the oil and gas industry remains as fascinating as ever, and with the continued need for innovation and excellence, Wood Group Intetech will remain a strong force in the industry.