Wood Group Intetech has researched and written reports on technical topics including materials selection, corrosion control, new technology materials engineering, market research, industry overviews and trend analysis. Our reports are noted for their clarity and for responding directly to our clients' needs.

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Senior materials adviser, operating company

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Topical reports

Corrosion-resistant alloy flowlines – Selection, Fabrication, Installation, Operation and Market Analysis (for publication Jan 2010).

Intetech Ltd and MaC (325 pages and 190 references)

This corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) flowline report is a comprehensive practical guide combined with detailed market analysis and forecasts, which brings the subject up-to-date to 2010. It builds on 16 years' of major studies, including reports on the use of, and market for, clad and lined pipe (1994 and 1995); a summary of CRA flowline experience (1998); and a report on martensitic stainless steel pipe producers (2000 and updated in 2005).

  • Use of CRA, martensitic stainless steels, duplex stainless steels, and carbon steel clad or CRA lined as pipeline materials
  • Practical guide to the correct selection and safe application in service
  • Engineering properties and detailed quality control requirements for purchase
  • Specific welding requirements for each class of CRA
  • Requirements and controls needed for protection of CRA pipelines during installation and commissioning, and external protection methods including cathodic protection
  • Reference to real field experience using data from over 35 years of CRA pipelines use
  • Detailed historical market evaluation and forward market predictions

Mercury in produced fluids – International experience and impact on materials selection (2004).

Intetech Ltd (37 pages)

"I have just received the [Mercury] report, which is definitely worth the money."

Head of materials engineering, operating company

This is a highly practical and usable report for upstream operations that are producing mercury. The report summarises approximately 50 examples where mercury has affected upstream operations, from tubing to export lines. Materials that are at risk of failure when in contact with mercury are described, and an indication is given of where these materials are used.

Mercury also gives rise to health, safety and environment problems during maintenance, revamp and disposal of facilities; these issues are referred to within the report.

High-strength carbon steel for pipelines – Market analysis and technical trend (1996).

Intetech Ltd and MaC (424 pages)

This report is very popular among producers of high-strength steel, pipe manufacturers and users of high-strength pipes, and remains in demand as a comprehensive reference document.

A rise in the use of natural gas has created a demand for large diameter pipelines. Pressure to reduce pipe construction costs can be met by increasing the strength of the steel. This enables the wall thickness to be reduced or the pipe to be operated at a higher pressure so that a smaller diameter can be used.

The challenge for steel producers is to meet the demands of manufacturing steel with high strength, toughness, and excellent longitudal, seam and field weldability. Steel users need to know what is technically feasible with the different products, their availability and their mechanical and corrosion properties. Pipe manufacturers need to understand the users' requirements and the high-strength pipe market so that they can justify investment in its production.