ECE® version 5.5 is released!

New or significantly revised features in version 5.5 include:

  • Bulk calculation tool evaluates Corrosion Resistant Alloys in surface and downhole tubing applications, for faster assessment of multiple datasets

  • Values for CO2 and H2S dissolved in the water phase can be entered as an alternative to gas phase concentrations (for situations where no gas phase is present, or source data is expressed as dissolved phase values)

  • The Flowline and Tubing corrosion predictor tools can calculate and handle situations with nil liquid-phase water occurring at points along the flowline or tubing string

  • Bubblepoint conditions can be entered in the downhole tubing corrosion predictor, for example known bubblepoint values from well test data

  • In the Flowline Life Cycle Calculator, more detailed monitoring and inspection costs can be entered

  • For flowlines, the injection rate of Glycol can be entered in either Kg/d or Kg/MMSm3 with appropriate conversions


Wood Group Intetech’s ECE® program is a tool for the quantitative estimation of corrosion rates and the selection of materials for oil and gas production systems and processing facilities. At the heart of ECE-5 is a new and improved model for corrosion analysis and material selection, firmly based on laboratory data, and field calibration studies both with pipeline and with downhole tubing.

The software is available as a stand-alone PC version for single users or a server-based system for multiple users.


ECE® 5 is fully supported. Licensees receive regular updates, including further functionality improvements and new materials data, and have the benefit of expert technical support.

Invaluable tools

  • Corrosion rate predictor for carbon steel in sweet and sour conditions that considers different options for corrosion control
  • Risk prediction tools that evaluate the risk of carbon steel failure
  • Corrosion-resistant alloy evaluators that select the most suitable alloys for the specified environmental conditions and automatically take into account the risks of corrosion, pitting and stress-corrosion cracking
  • Life cycle cost calculators that evaluate the economics of carbon steel and corrosion-resistant-alloys option based on net present value, so that material cost comparisons can be made
  • An alloy-tubing and pipe manufacturer database

Key features

  • Corrosion-rate prediction for sweet and sour service conditions based on the fundamental chemistry of the solubility of the corrosion products
  • Corrosion evaluation incorporates critical factors such as oil API gravity, water cut, flow rates and angle of flow
  • Calculated outputs for multiple positions along a flowline or up a tubing string
  • Instant output updates, for example, corrosion-rate profiles, with changes in input parameters
  • Carbon steel failure risk evaluation considering both generalised and pitting corrosion risks
  • Quantitative evaluation of corrosion-resistant-alloy suitability for a matrix of conditions that covers temperature, partial pressure of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide, chloride content and pH
  • Life cycle cost analysis that takes into account fabrication speed, pipe-laying method and means of corrosion control
  • Help files with technical background and references

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