Intetech is often asked to develop feasibility projects from original patents. This involves working out the essential design details required to prove a basic concept, costing the design and demonstrating its potential for a specific application.

By pulling together teams of engineering experts who can use their specialist knowledge to help develop novel products, we have played key roles in projects ranging from the application of a new concept for high-strength pipelines to the development of a flexible hose for carrying liquefied natural gas at –164°C.

For example, Cold Drawn Products produces wire and strip materials that are essential components of flexible hoses and pipe. We have advised the company on investment decisions for product development, which has enabled it to optimise quality control procedures and produce materials with defined properties for higher-quality applications.

“Your reports are produced in a very professional manner and are particularly valuable to us.”

Senior materials adviser, operating company

“I have just received the report, which is definitely worth the money.”

Head of materials engineering, operating company