Wood Group Intetech Well Integrity Toolkit (iWIT®)

Well failures hit a company hard at every level. Production is affected, people may be harmed and environmental disaster is a potential risk.

Managing well integrity has been Wood Group Intetech’s core business since its formation over 20 years ago. We have drawn on this extensive onshore and offshore experience to develop the Intetech Well Integrity Toolkit (iWIT®) software, which offers operators customised well integrity management.

The iWIT® software is internationally recognised as a world-class system for well integrity management and has been used in:

  • Fields with 50 to over 1,600 wells
  • Fields undergoing primary and with tertiary recovery
  • Onshore and offshore fields
  • New and mature fields
  • Fully manual to fully automated fields
  • Gas storage operations

“I strongly believe this is truly a world-class effort and represents the best practice of well integrity management that I have ever seen. The system, the interfaces, the rigour, the management reporting, the alert mechanisms and the auditability of the system are fantastic. We have a safer oilfield today and with less effort, fewer mistakes, fewer misunderstandings with the authorities, better planning and prioritisation of non-routine and routine intervention and maintenance.”

David Brittan, well engineering coordinator, KPO

“It is a pleasure to work with the Intetech team. Their understanding of well integrity issues is second to none.”

Nigel Snow, head of well integrity, Maersk Oil, Denmark

Operators are increasingly realising that well integrity management is crucial to their long-term business success. Managing well integrity requires control at several levels:

  • Company policy must define:
    • The level of integrity appropriate for the type of reservoirs being exploited
    • The integrity checks required to meet the policy
    • The method and frequency of performance testing of safety-critical elements
    • The national standards, voluntary codes and well examiner requirements for the specific operating environment
  • Well integrity engineering must be recognised as a role with a clear job description and seniority appropriate to the level of responsibility
  • Key performance indicators must support company aims and policies, and make constructive tracking of department performance possible

But, managing well integrity requires something more: a delivery system. That is where the iWIT® software comes in - it delivers.

Companies that have installed iWIT® software have experienced step-change improvements in their well integrity management. The positive impact is enormous.

iWIT® is more than a data management system; the software offers real benefits that are felt as soon as the Wood Group Intetech team starts work.