The benefits of using iWIT®

The ultimate aim when using iWIT® software is to prevent the kind of catastrophe that all operators fear: a well blowout with risk to life, the environment and a company’s reputation.

iWIT® software makes planning well test schedules and estimating future repair and workover requirements easier. Because problems are addressed proactively, fewer wells are shut-in and productivity is higher. One client identified a productivity gain from using iWIT® software of more than USD $2 million a year.

Additional benefits include time savings for engineers who no longer have to spend long periods searching for data that may be out of date.

iWIT® software analyses data to proactively identify wells that will develop problems in the future because of corrosion damage, or by identifying the existence of installed well equipment with poor reliability.

iWIT® software also identifies wells that are due for integrity checks, tests, repairs, chemical treatments and other inspection requirements. This helps to prevent issues going undetected through lack of data and ensures companies fulfil their local regulatory testing requirements.

Other benefits include:

  • Improved visibility of well integrity management both inside and outside the company
  • Integration of data from automated systems and numerous manual sources, so that companies move from several separate databases to a single streamlined system
  • Clear reporting formats for identifying the status of well stock at any time and facilitating the tracking of key performance indicators