Wood Group Intetech has developed the iWIT® software toolkit to be flexible. The system is configured to suit operators and meet their specific challenges. Everything can be customised, from linking to existing data systems, setting up manual data entry to mimic current systems, preparing an automated report or changing a current format to suit company needs, to translating data entry and report pages into an alternative language for ease of communication.

No data system works without data, but we take the effort out of catching up with historical information. All historical well data becomes accessible because we review, screen, tidy, correct and upload data into the system before it is launched.

Operators need a functioning system and we deliver one. We hand over a working, running system with as complete a record as possible of past annulus pressures; chemical analysis samples; safety critical equipment valve and seal pressure tests; tubing logs; casing and cement bond logs; and well histories/activity tracking. Whether it is for tens, hundreds or thousands of wells, we make the effort.

In addition, we take all the critical well design data required when a well integrity issue arises and enter it into the system. Data is taken from any format: electronic files, including spreadsheets and PDF files, or even hard copies. Bringing the different sources together often highlights missing information and helps in developing a comprehensive information resource. Effectively, it is an audit of a company’s well design records and results in a reliable dataset that has been checked by our well design team.