Since the iWIT® program is web-based, all authorised personnel can access the data in real time. Data from numerous sources are integrated in a single package to give you the full story. No other software attempts to achieve this comprehensive approach: one that considers the whole well, inside to outside, bottom to top.

The iWIT® software meets the demands of many users and provides an intuitive, user-friendly system that gives them the data they need.

Well integrity engineers responsible for planning workovers to remedy problem wells have instant access to all the well data. The full well design is accessible, along with all the well test and monitoring data. Nothing is overlooked. This ensures that a remedial plan is more quickly established and there is a greater chance of a successful operation.

Managers needing an instant overview of well integrity status can simply request a field view for a snapshot report that includes every well. This report provides the well integrity and production status, and gives a user-friendly overview of which wells are in operation and which are operating safely.

The well operations staff and drillers who plan well interventions have immediate access to the well design in a user-friendly format, which is readily updated as modifications are carried out.

Production staff concerned with field production optimisation will find that the iWIT® software is a flexible tool for monitoring well productivity and hence maintaining optimum production rates.

Operations staff can access a schedule of daily tasks to ensure that the required well monitoring and testing is not overlooked. Test results are easily entered into the database via a secure interface with customised reporting forms to fit each field.