Well integrity studies

The Intetech Well Integrity Toolkit (iWIT®) is the premier well integrity management software system for maintaining well integrity while maximising field production. This system lies at the heart of our well integrity offering.

We have investigated a wide range of the integrity problems in operating wells, including the causes of sustained annulus pressure, wellhead movement, tubing failure, and problems with wellhead seals and downhole components.

Data collection and well-site investigation form the basis of our well integrity evaluation. We then propose remedial action for the problems we identify, and suggest strategies that will prevent these problems from arising in other wells. We establish whether the problem is the result of the well design or of operational activities.

Wood Group Intetech has conducted tubing failure investigations for gas and oil producers in wells containing carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and elemental sulphur, and for tubing made of carbon steel and corrosion-resistant alloys. We have also investigated external casing and riser corrosion, and proposed improvements to cathodic-protection systems.