Long-term integrity is important for carbon capture and storage (CCS) or sequestration projects:

  • Process fluids with high carbon dioxide concentrations must be handled
  • Capture and transport facilities must be reliable and maintain high availability at minimum cost over their lives
  • The selection of cost-effective materials is especially critical for the large scale facilities needed for carbon dioxide capture from power production, incinerators, refineries, cement manufacture and metallurgical plants
  • Injection wells need to be leak free and contain the carbon dioxide long after the end of their injection lives
  • Monitoring of well performance is also critical to ensure that effective storage is maintained
  • Operational well integrity management is critical for the safe handling and long-term storage of carbon dioxide

Our clients value our long-term record for the design of high integrity process facilities, pipelines and wells. We have advised several European clients on design, materials selection and material specifications for:

  • Carbon capture systems for gas and coal power plants using different combustion processes
  • Transport pipelines for carbon dioxide in high-pressure gas and supercritical states
  • Carbon dioxide injection wells requiring ultra-high integrity throughout their operational life cycle, shut-in, suspension and long-term abandonment